Welcome to Ilona Gombos’s Vasati consultancy and ReconnectiveM healing website!

I see Vasati and ReconnectionM® as a pair – for bringing about harmony within and around a person.

Vasati – the modern form of the ancient Vedic architecture – is a help to harmonize our built home and environment accordance with Nature’s laws. I learned Reconnection® from Eric Pearl, and in my work ReconnectionM means: two people come together to invite the highest human beingnes to harmonize our state of life with the Universe out of the time and space dimension. It is like a prayer – when i keep my attention on the opened space and my partner keeps on what is coming to her/him.

Obviously our inner self – when it is tuned with Life appropriately – should be able to balance the different dissonances arising in and around us. In case we feel we need support in finding the proper tuning or just to control our self-drive, intuition towards our outer and inner space Vasati and ReconnectionM can help.

A being is a space. A space brings about a being.

 Vasati and ReconnectionM tell us, if a space is connected with its “darma”, it is in harmony, it is in accordance with its purpose, moral or truth.